Where to Get the Best Desserts in Ashburn


Located just 30 minutes outside of Washington DC, Ashburn VA is home to many farms, golf courses, the Washington Redskins football team and some great restaurants. Residents and members of the Ashburn apartment community can find many sweet treats nearby. Triple Treats Rated five stars out of five stars, Triple Treats is a home-based business in … [Read more...]

Spend Memorial Day with the Family in Ashburn


Memorial Day is approaching and many people in the Ashburn apartment communityare trying to decide exactly what to do for the holiday. It marks a long weekend for many. Some will venture out of town on a vacation. Some will participate in the local charity run. Others will celebrate at home with family and friends. Here are some interesting ways to celebrate … [Read more...]

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Ashburn

pinata kid

Have you recently moved to the Ashburn apartment community? If so, welcome to the neighborhood. You've chosen to join a great community where there is something always happening. Ashburn takes pride in its culturally diverse group of residents. It is what makes the community so special and so unique. Cinco de Mayo is approaching on May 5th and there will be … [Read more...]

10th Annual Hangar Dance in Leesburg

swing dance

Do you love to dance? Does the band make you want to move your feet? Dancing is a fantastic way to get out and have an enjoyable time. Many residents of the Ashburn apartment community love to dance and always look forward to the Hangar Dance in Leesburg. If you have never attended the dance...it is time for you to do so. This year marks the 10th anniversary … [Read more...]

Earth Day in Ashburn: Loudon Family Festival

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Saddle Ridge takes pride in conservation and recycling. It is a philosophy embraced by many residents. If you are new to the area you may not have had an opportunity to check out local events that really promote Mother Earth and how to live a cleaner life. There is an upcoming Earth Day celebration you need to experience.The 2012 Earth Day at Loudoun Family … [Read more...]