Make Your Next Home at Saddle Ridge!


If you're looking for your next home, you may have found the one you'll never want to leave! Our apartments are updated, beautiful, and modern--everything you're looking for in your next home. Here's what you can expect from our Saddle Ridge Apartments in Ashburn: Spacious one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments Well-equipped … [Read more...]

November Family Events in Ashburn

mother and daughter

School is out! And hopefully work is out soon, too! Now you not only have Thanksgiving to look forward to (get your dinner at Willow Creek Farm!) but also some family-fun events! Make sure to stop in to the Asburn library with your child for Teen Reading Buddies Storytime! Teens will be paired with a child for some reading fun! Nov 23,2011: Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Mom’s Apple Pie Bakery in Ashburn


You've heard the saying "as American as apple pie," right? Well you can get the best apple pie ever at Mom's Apple Pie Bakery in Leesburg. If you want fresh baked pies just like Mom used to make, then hurry to Mom's Apple Pie Bakery. My favorite is the Strawberry Rhubarb and I put my own homemade whipped cream on top. I can't get enough! Samantha's … [Read more...]

Pretty Pets in Ashburn


  Pets need grooming just like humans do! It's important to take them to a groomer so their fur stays neat, comfortable, and their skin stays healthy and moisturized. When you cuddle with them, you'll notice that their fur is much softer, they smell sweet and fresh, and you have less fur to clean up after. Check out these groomers near … [Read more...]

Feel Healed and Renewed at a Spa near Saddle Ridge


  At the Thai Healing House, you can get an authentic Thai massage without ever leaving Virginia! You'll leave feeling like a different, more relaxed, person! If you refer a friend, you'll receive a $25 credit toward your next massage. Refer 4 friends, and you get a massage for free! Want more free stuff? If you buy 5 massages you will receive the … [Read more...]