Free Museum Admission on September 24


Celebrate on September 24th! No, it’s not just some random day! It’s National Museum Day! Visit to see all the participating museums you can get into for free on that day! Museums are so much fun! You can see how ancient people used to live their everyday lives and all the different animals that used to roam the Earth. Get free … [Read more...]

Hit the Ice at the Ashburn Ice House


  The Ashburn Ice House is open for business, so why don't you have on your ice skates already? Visit during the open skate times indicated on the schedule. If you don't know how to skate, they can teach you at the Ice House. Just call the front desk at 703-858-0300 for more information or register for programs and classes online. Not only do … [Read more...]

Keep Safe and Healthy by Practicing Food Safety!


I'm sure you all know that undercooked foods can make you sick. Sometimes, they can land you in the hospital with dire effects! Food should be cooked thoroughly, especially meats! But you should also remember to never leave food out on a counter for an extended period of time, whether it is cooked or not! Even if you reheat the food after it's been … [Read more...]

Celebrity Delly in Ashburn


  Delis are places that people don't think about a whole lot, but I think they are a great piece of Americana. Anyone can go to a deli and get something they like. No matter where you're from, what culture, religion, color...doesn't matter! Before Burger King made everything "your way," delis were always there to make your deli meats, cheeses, and … [Read more...]

Be Safe at Home


National Safe at Home Week is from August 23rd to the 27th. Let’s all use this time to think about the ways in which we make our homes safe for our families! Not only should we work to make our homes safe this week, but all year round! There are a couple of ways to make sure everyone knows what to do in an emergency. --Teach children how to dial … [Read more...]